Edinburgh Footnotes explores not-very-well-known bits of history from Edinburgh, especially the Grange and nearby. It specialises in information that is new to most of us, based on recent research and not previously published.

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I’m starting with a handful of articles about the Grange district of Edinburgh. They’ve emerged from my efforts to find out more about the early history of the Penny Well on the Grange estate. That story is sadly elusive, but the search has led to some other discoveries that I like to think break fresh ground. Work on other areas is in the pipeline. There will be stories and background info about the people who turn up as I go.

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References and comments

I try to give references for anything that isn’t easy to confirm from multiple online sources, or from the usual written records (birth certificates, censuses etc.) which can be discovered through genealogy sites like those listed below. Feel free to ask a question in the comment section under the relevant article, if you can’t work out where some information came from. Comments are very welcome – though they may be moderated.

Useful resources

  • familysearch.org  (free)
  • freebmd.org.uk (free)
  • scotlandspeople.gov.uk (many Scottish records only available here)
  • scotlandsplaces.gov.uk
  • findmypast.co.uk
  • thegenealogist.com
  • ancestry.com
  • Canmore – RCAHMS
  • NLS maps
  • NLS street directories
  • measuringworth.com (for historical money values)

Married women

This site uses the Scottish way of giving birth and married surname. For example, when Jacobina Comb married James Irving, she would be Jacobina Comb or Irving, not Jacobina Irving (née Comb), English style, nor Jacobina Comb Irving, American style.

Thanks to:

  • Scrappy Annie for the picture above, also used on the front page, with this copyright licence.
  • EFG for contributing photographs.
  • Paul Townsend, Kim Traynor and geograph.org for making photos available for re-use with a Creative Commons copyright licence.
  • National Library of Scotland for giving Creative Commons copyright licences to various collections, including street directories.
  • National Library of Scotland maps section for having straightforward arrangements for people illustrating articles with details from their maps.
  • Librarians and archivists who are always helpful – at NRS, NLS, RCAHMS, and ECL.
  • Southside Heritage Group for putting info online about graves in the Grange Cemetery.
  • Wikimedia for pictures from their collection.

And apologies to anyone who’s been left out by my absent-mindedness.