A collection of fragments from the past.
Fragments from the past

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Grange House: from tower house to baronial mansion

  • 16th century tower house
  • Estate and cottages
  • House for an 18th century “great family”, with “all conveniences”
  • Outbuildings, gardens and landscape
  • Radical redesign 1820s and 1830s, and a period of grandeur

Grange House: three schools, change and decline, 1850-1930s

  • The Dick Lauder heir leaves Grange House and rents to tenants
  • School for Young Gentlemen
  • Edinburgh Town Council versus the Grange Estate
  • School for Young Ladies
  • Elocution and an Educational Garden
  • Fashionable Society at Grange House again

Pennywell House and its grounds, Grange Loan

  • Land, houses, garden, with “excellent spring”, 18th C
  • Horse hirer’s family
  • Asylum
  • Leather merchant’s family
  • Change, re-naming, property development

The old Penny Well in Grange Loan: fact and fiction

  • How ancient is it?
  • Why is not on any maps before 1890?
  • Was it associated with healing?

Scottish Farmhouse Furnishings in 1789: Grange Mains

  • Contents of kitchen, low parlour, bed closets etc.
  • Milk house, stable bed, linens, china
  • James Ferrier and Peggy Paxton

Festivities in the Grange, Edinburgh, in 1712

  • Celebrating the birthday of Charles II and anniversary of his restoration
  • Jacobite or just jolly?
  • A field in the Grange

Charles Jackson, Merchant Burgess of Edinburgh, c1650-1722

  • Money and power
  • Charles Jackson and royalty
  • Was he really Charles II’s godson?

Grange footpaths in the 1760s – public access or enclosure?

  • Grangegateside
  • Dean of Guild’s Walk
  • Witnesses, evidence and law

Jane Stewart Smith, artist and writer

  • Old Edinburgh paintings
  • Author of The Grange of St. Giles

John Douglas Smith & John Stewart Smith

  • Carvers and gilders, picture restorers, dealers

John D. Michie, artist

Boozy hunt dinner leads to trial for laird of Grange

Grange House School and Mrs. Whaley Bouchier Nutt

Wyverns at Grange House, or the Griffin Gates

Grange House School announces its opening

John Mackenzie, gardener, Rose Cottage, Grange Loan

Helen Hamilton Black and her family

Captain Justinian Nutt and others

The Irvings of Pennywell, Grange Loan

The Hewits of Pennywell, Grange Loan


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